Highway Construction The most practical use of vr


About us

Excite Hungary is a VR /AR development powerhouse in the CEE region. We work with the biggest international companies to create spectacular event entertainment and business changing AR / VR applications.

We create custom made solutions that are tailored to the needs of each individual use case for best performance!

We create new possibilities by creating new virtual worlds!

Taste green feel good vr experience

We created a full HTC Vive experience and 360 video to support a major marketing campaign by Lipton with events on several locations.
The campaign also included the creation of a mixed- realty video with top social media influencers.

Highway Construction Vr Construction tool

Watch your large scale construction from the comfort of your office
Our technology enables real time communication and decision making based on areal scans, models and live data streams

building a shoe store Vr shopping application

If you are looking at a product online and you hesitate to buy because you would rather see it in person first the virtual reality (VR) lets you do that.